Pre-engineered Pipe Rack Systems

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Modular Pre-engineered Pipe Racks

Modular Pre-engineered Pipe Racks.

ErectaRack’s four modular rack units interchange to meet the specific needs of any industry.

ErectaRack’s pre-engineered pipe racks significantly reduce the lengthy engineering and fabrication process typically required for pipe rack assembly by doing the engineering up-front.

Why reinvent the wheel whenever you can simply leverage the many hundred hours of engineering and experience we’ve invested into designing the ErectaRack Pre-Engineered, modular pipe rack system? ErectaRack does just that. Combining different tower and horizontal support designs, you can create a custom rack using standard pre-engineered components. The method of a pipe rack system used to be a process that could take months to complete; we can reduce that to just a few days. Not only is the design timeline reduced, but our pre-engineered system is precision manufactured using the latest robotic laser technology, enabling multiple pipe rack projects to be completed in a fraction of the time and with superior quality.

Pipe Rack ErectaStep
  • Pre-Engineered pipe rack system
  • Modular design decreases lead time and rack cost
  • Standard foundation calculations and designs are available
  • Hot-dipped galvanized steel


MPR 204 Pipe Rack

Light-duty T-frame design used in light piping applications



MPR 309 Pipe Rack

Medium duty U-frame design used in light piping applications

2 Tier

2 Tier

MPR 407 Pipe Rack

2 Tier design used on heavier load piping applications

3 Tier

3 Tier

MPR 510 Pipe Rack

Heavy-duty 3 tier design used in more involved piping applications