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MPR 204

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MPR 309

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3 Tier

MPR 510

We’ve simplified the once long, tedious task of designing and installing a pipe rack system. Engineering modularized components that can be manufactured quickly without custom engineering saves you both money and time.

From design to installation, ErectaRack will work hand-in-hand to provide you with a high-quality, low-cost pipe rack system with very little lead time.

When we designed our pipe rack systems, we placed customer efficiency and ease of installation and maintenance in the forefront of our minds, leading to a design that has proven to reduce the issues resulting in project delays drastically. Some common industries benefiting from ErectaRack pipe racks include energy, oil, natural gas, industrial, commercial, or military applications, and many more.

  • REDUCE RISKS –  By fabrication and Quality Control happening in a shop environment and not in the field
  • REDUCE TIME – Time to installation reduces substantially by using
    a pre-engineered and modular system that’s ready to be built right now
  • MULTIPLE TIERS – 1, 2, or 3-tier systems ranging from light to heavy
    duty with widths from 3 to 6 feet and heights up to 26 feet
  • CUSTOM SIZES AVAILABLE –  Custom engineering is available should design requirements not fall within pre-engineered specifications

Avoid time-consuming and expensive custom fabricated pipe racks.

Avoid the long engineering and fabrication process typically involved in pipe rack design and construction, often taking several weeks, if not months. ErectaRack’s proprietary configurator can configure building code-compliant solutions for your facility in one meeting.  ErectaRack’s pre-engineered system is precision manufactured using the latest laser technology and robotics.

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Pipe Rack Projects

  • Revolutionizing Industrial Safety: ErectaRack’s Pre-Engineered Pipe Rack Systems and Comprehensive Fall Protection Measures

    Revolutionizing Industrial Safety: ErectaRack’s Pre-Engineered Pipe Rack Systems and Comprehensive Fall Protection Measures

    ErectaRack simplifies the traditionally extensive pipe rack design and assembly process, which could frequently consume several weeks or even months. Using advanced laser technology and robotics, ErectaRack’s pre-engineered systems are made with remarkable precision. The petrochemical sector depends heavily on intricate pipe networks to convey various gases and liquids. These pipe racks, often multilevel and…

  • ErectaRack Industrial Pipe Racks being installed

    ErectaRack Industrial Pipe Racks being installed

    ErectaRack pipe rack modules are pre-engineered for loads with various variables and products such as crude oil, condensate, liquid natural gas, and other energy products and byproducts. ErectaRack makes building one easy and painless anywhere a heavy-duty pipe rack is needed. ErectaRack offers numerous options for your pipe storage, including tube racks, bar, conduit, rebar,…